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Starling Two-Factor Authentication Hosted - Desktop Login Administration Guide


Before installing Starling Two-Factor Desktop Login on the computer, verify the following:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later is installed.
  • Starling Two-Factor Authentication subscription is available and active.

  • The computer is joined to an Active Directory domain.

  • The computer on which Starling Two-Factor Desktop Login is installed, has network access.

Running the installer

The following sections brief about the steps to download the latest version of the Starling Two-Factor Desktop Login.

To download the installer

  1. On the site, sign in to the One Identity account by entering the appropriate credentials. If you do not have an account, click Sign up for a new account. You also have the option to sign in through the Microsoft account.

    The One Identity Support page is displayed.

  2. In the Identity as a Service section, click Starling Two-Factor Authentication.

The Product Support - Starling Two-Factor Authentication page is displayed.

  1. Click Install & Upgrade.
  2. Click Starling Two-Factor Desktop Login 1.1.

The Download Starling Two-Factor Desktop Login 1.1 page is displayed.

  1. Click Add to Downloads.
  2. Review the terms and conditions and click Continue.

    The Add to My Downloads page is displayed.

  3. Click Download Now to download the .msi file.
  4. Alternatively, click Add to My Downloads to save the application in the My Downloads cart. It is recommended to use this option when you download multiple products.

The StarlingTwoFactorDesktopLogin.msi file is downloaded.

Download the installer based on windows platform (x64 or x86).

Ensure that the caution detailed below is thoroughly read and followed before installing One Identity Starling Two-Factor Desktop Login.

Caution: Once the installation is complete, the user must configure Starling Two-Factor Desktop Login settings to log in to the system.

To run the installer

  1. Launch Starling Two-Factor Desktop Login installer MSI from an elevated command prompt or double-click the installer.
  2. Follow the instructions on the installer to complete the installation.

NOTE: The account under which you will be running the Setup must be a member of the local administrators group.

Starling Two-Factor Desktop Login configuration settings

After installation, the One Identity Starling Two-Factor Desktop Login Configuration utility starts by default. The user can also start the utility from the Start menu. There are four tiles in the Home window. Each tile represents a configuration that must be done before using the product. Click Manage Settings to navigate to the required window and perform the following:

Configuring Starling for authentication

Connecting with Starling for Authentication

Starling Two-Factor Desktop Login enhances the authentication of Windows login by using Starling Two-Factor Authentication. To use One Identity Starling Two-Factor Desktop Login, you must have a valid Starling Two-Factor Authentication subscription.

NOTE: To obtain a Starling Two-Factor Authentication subscription, click the following link:

To configure One Identity Starling for authentication

  1. On the Starling Two-Factor Desktop Login window, click Connect Starling. The Connect Starling window is displayed.
  2. Click Connect my account. You are redirected to One Identity Starling authentication window.
  3. Provide your Starling credentials and click Log in.

    If you are a member of more than one Starling organization, choose the organization you want to connect to, from the dropdown box. Click Connect.

After successful authentication, you will be redirected to One Identity Starling Two-Factor Desktop Login Connect Starling window. You can connect to a different organization in your One Identity Starling account by clicking Change Account. If the process of changing accounts is not successful, the previously connected account will be used.

NOTE: If there are network issues or if Starling is down, your account is disconnected. In such cases, click Reconnect account. To test the validity of your account connection, click Test connection.

NOTE: If you have a Starling account, when a subscription is created for you, you will receive a Starling invitation email. Click the link in the email and log in to the Starling account. If your Starling account belongs to multiple organizations, you can select the organization to which Starling Two-Factor Desktop Login must be joined.

NOTE: If you do not have a Starling account, when a subscription is created for you, you will get a Starling Sign-Up email to complete a registration process to create a Starling account. Complete the registration and login using the credentials that you have provided during registration. For account creation details, see the One Identity Starling User Guide.
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