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Starling Two-Factor Authentication Hosted - RADIUS Agent Release Notes

Release Notes

One Identity Starling Two-Factor RADIUS Agent 7.2

Release Notes

March 2020

These release notes provide information about the One Identity Starling Two-Factor RADIUS Agent release.


About this release

The One Identity Starling Two-Factor RADIUS Agent utilizes the RADIUS protocol for Two-Factor authentication (push notification or one-time password authentication) through Software as a Service (SaaS). The Starling Two-Factor RADIUS Agent can be used on SaaS and on-premises applications.

New features

New features in Starling Two-Factor RADIUS Agent 7.2:

  • Support for TLS v1.2 and above

Resolved issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.

Table 1: General resolved issues
Resolved Issue Issue ID
Non-admin User could not install Starling Two-Factor RADIUS Agent on a User Access Control system. 226013

Known issues

The following is a list of issues, including those attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of release.

Table 2: General known issues
Known Issue Issue ID

Unable to log in to a different Starling account after failing to connect to Starling.


Close all the RADIUS Agent configuration windows. Open the RADIUS Agent Server configuration tool, and click Connect Starling. Provide credentials of the user who created the Starling account.


Users using 6.x versions of RADIUS Agent with the diagnostic logging set to DEBUG, are reset to default values during an upgrade.


When you upgrade from RADIUS Agent 6.x to 7.x version, perform a manual (first time only) configuration of <log4net debug=”true”> and <level value=”DEBUG”> in the log4net.config file, that is part of the installation directory. These settings are preserved for upgrade from 7.x onwards.

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