Download ActiveRoles Mobile ITPack 1.0.0 Release Notes

Welcome to ActiveRoles Mobile IT Pack With ActiveRoles® Mobile IT Pack, you can use your mobile device to perform the following tasks on Active Directory domain user accounts for which you have sufficient administrative rights in ActiveRoles Server: •Reset Password Search for user accounts by name, and view search results; then, select a user account from the list of search results and choose the action to reset password for that account. You can supply a password or let ActiveRoles Server generate a password, view the generated password, and choose the option that will require the user to change the password at next logon. •Unlock Account View a list of user accounts (if any) that are currently locked out due to a number of failed logon attempts, select a user account from the list and choose the action to unlock that account. ActiveRoles Mobile IT Pack also allows you to perform your approval tasks created by ActiveRoles approval workflow. On your mobile device, you can select an operation waiting for your approval, review the changes resulting from that operation, and then apply one of the following decisions: •Approve Allow the operation. •Reject Deny the operation. •Escalate Assign the approval task to the approvers of a higher level. For information about ActiveRoles approval workflow, review the "Workflow Activities Overview/Approval Activity" and "Example: Approval Workflow" sections in the ActiveRoles Administrator Guide. ActiveRoles Mobile IT Pack plugs in to Mobile IT, and provides communication between the mobile device and ActiveRoles Server by leveraging the capabilities of the Mobile IT platform. When ActiveRoles Mobile IT Pack is deployed on Mobile IT Server, you can use Mobile IT Client on your mobile device to reset user passwords, unlock user accounts, and perform approval tasks. Mobile IT Client requires you to supply the user logon name and password of your Active Directory domain user account. These credentials, along with your operation request, are submit

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