Download Privileged Access Suite for Unix 2.6 Full Install (ISO)

IMPORTANT: To ensure the most current product versions within Privileged Access Suite for Unix, please use the individual product download links below.

The Privileged Access Suite for Unix consists of several One Identity software products grouped into one convenient download.  This suite is updated periodically as new individual products are released.  However, to ensure that the most current individual products are being downloaded, please use the individual product links below.


Authentication Services

Privilege Manager for Sudo

Privilege Manager for Unix

Management Console for Unix

Authentication Services 4.1 and Management Console for Unix 2.5.1 are now included in the Quest One Privileged Access Suite for Unix.

Quest One Privileged Access Suite for Unix solves the inherent security and administration issues of Unix-based systems (including Linux and Mac) while making satisfying compliance requirements a breeze. It unifies and consolidates identities, assigns individual accountability and enables centralized reporting for user and administrator access to Unix.

Privileged Access Suite for Unix offers two editions - Standard edition and Advanced edition. Both editions include: Quest One Management Console for Unix, a common management console that provides a consolidated view and centralized point of management for local Unix users and groups; and, Authentication Services, patented technology that enables organizations to extend the security and compliance of Active Directory to Unix, Linux, and Mac platforms and enterprise applications.

Important Note: When searching knowledge articles or when opening a Service Request please use one of these three top level categories; Authentication Services, Quest One Privilege Manager for Sudo, or Privilege Manager for Unix.

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