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Download inWebo Multi-Factor Authentication plugin 2.0.1

inWebo Multi-Factor Authentication plugin 2.0.1

sha1 160fc537f40ef0159621bff21092a3f74cb732f4

For the Latest Version of the PlugIn, visit

PSM integrates with the inWebo’s two-factor authentication tool. The integration adds an additional security layer to the gateway authentication performed on the PSM platform. It also protects from key logger and man-in-the-middle attacks. If the inWebo Authenticator App is installed on the user's device (smatphone, notebook, etc.), the user can generate a one time password on the device. This will be used for the authentication on the Safeguard for Privileged Sessions platform. The authentication can be more user friendly as the inWebo Authenticator App offers possibility to use PIN, fingerprint or simply the “Accept” button on the user’s own device. This way, the device turns into a strong authentication token for the user.