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Active Roles 7.4.3 - Whats New


Upgrade of the Administration Service converts unmanaged domains to regular managed domains. If you have any domains registered as unmanaged domains with Active Roles version 6.8 or earlier, then, after the upgrade, you will need to make them unmanaged by applying the built-in Policy Object Exclude from Managed Scope. For further information and instructions, see “Configuring an unmanaged domain” in the Active Roles Administration Guide.


After an upgrade of Active Roles components to the latest version, the add-ons which were supported in the earlier versions of Active Roles, cease to work. Hence, it is recommended to uninstall the add-ons prior to the upgrade of Active Roles.

NOTE: Office 365 add-on is not supported on the Active Roles 7.4.

Impact on management history data

Configuration databases during installation of Active Roles. During Active Roles upgrade, if the Active Roles database is not split into configuration and management history databases, then the upgrade process by default creates a management history database. However, the management history data is not imported by default, and if required you may import the data from the earlier Configuration database.

IMPORTANT: The Management History data is not migrated to the new database during the upgrade. The data has to be imported manually into the database.

After you import the change history information, the Management History database has the following details:

  • All managed objects change history includes the Properties modified during the operation, Workflow, and policy executed with operation

  • User Activity information

  • Automation Workflow Run history

  • Temporal Group membership scheduler job status and its details to Add or Remove membership from the Temporal Group

  • Workflow Approval tasks status includes Pending, Completed, and Paused

  • Deprovision and UndoDeprovision object Results. If Deprovision object result does not exist in Management History database then UndDeprovision operation fails.

For more information on Upgrading to Active Roles 7.4 from 7.0.x or later using in-place upgrade method on the Active Roles Quick Start Guide.

NOTE: The reports produced by the Change History or User Activity command include information only about the changes made using a certain group of Administration Services, that share a common database from the connected management history database. If the Change History data is not imported from the previously available database, the data is not displayed in the new Management History database.

Operations that are dependent on Approval Workflow, Temporal Group Memberships, and Undo Deprovisioning features might not work consistently on the client interfaces. Without importing the information between the previously available Management History and the new Management History data, such as, a task created by one of the Old Administration Services may not be present on the new Administration Services.

Impact on SSL and Federated Authentication configuration

SSL and Federated Authentication configuration settings are not retained post upgrade from version 7.4 or 7.4.1 to the current version. One Identity recommends to reconfigure the settings after the upgrade of Active Roles.

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