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Defender 5.9.3 - Release Notes

Release Notes

One Identity Defender 5.9.3


Release Notes

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

These release notes provide information about the One Identity Defender release.


About Defender

About One Identity Defender 5.9.3

Defender enhances security by using two-factor authentication to authenticate the users who request access to valuable resources within your organization. Defender uses your current identity store within Microsoft® Active Directory® to enable two-factor authentication, taking advantage of its inherent scalability and security, and eliminating the costs and time involved to set up and maintain proprietary databases. Defender’s Web-based administration and user self-service ease the implementation of two-factor authentication for both administrators and users.

Defender 5.9.3 is a minor release, with the product rebranded to One Identity Defender.

See New features.

New features

New features in Defender 5.9.3:

  • Support for One Identity Active Roles 7.3 Added support for Active Roles 7.3 to One Identity Defender

See also:

Resolved issues

Resolved issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in 5.9.3 release.

Table 1: Defender Desktop Login resolved issues
Resolved Issue Issue ID
Authentication using Defender Desktop Login fails if the user logon name contains extended ASCII characters. 664947
Authentication using the "Token and Active Directory password" Defender policy fails if the Active Directory password starts with a comma ('). 697900
Offline log in to the system using Defender Desktop Login does not work if YubiKey token is used. 712826
Table 2: Defender Management Portal resolved issues
Resolved Issue Issue ID
Some User Interface fields in Defender Management Portal become unusable if the browser window is sized down. 714534
Limits set on log receiver database size in the Defender Security Server are not processed correctly. 712806
The Defender Administration UI is not available in the Defender Management Portal to a user, when the user is a part of usergroup created under OU with Asterisk (*). 742091
The Defender Admin tile is not visible in management portal for the logged-on user with management portal administrator privileges. 770197
Administrator UI is unavailable in Defender Management Portal when a user belongs to a group with access. 759031
Incorrect timestamps are shown in Defender Management Portal activity logs. 761458
Session expired message is displayed when trying to select a group when generating a report in the Reporting Console in the Defender Management Portal. 683972
When a token is programmed through the Defender Management Portal, Assigned to field does not update properly on a Defender token object in 'Active Directory Users and Computers' and the 'Defender Management Portal'. 778510
Table 3: Other resolved isues
Resolved Issue Issue ID
Unable to view or assign Defender tokens from Active Roles MMC console for users with a comma (,) in their name. 758652
License details fail to load in the License dialog box, in the Defender Administration Console. 777861
Defender Administrator Guide contains incorrect instructions on how to enable diagnostic logging for the Defender Security Server. 780455
"The request is not supported" error occurs when trying to authenticate on a Windows Server 2016 machine using Defender EAP Agent. 713585
Authentication using the Defender ISAPI Agent fails occasionally. 713732
Potential security vulnerability issue in Defender ISAPI Agent. 728905
Potential security vulnerability issue in Defender ISAPI Agent. 616557
According to the logs, Defender Security Server is busy when authentication requests are triggered from unknown client/network devices and users. 763273
The recent active user details are used, when the RADIUS server is unable to decode client RADIUS authentication packets. 771656
Defender Integration Pack for Active Roles now supports Active Roles 7.3. 778514
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