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One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions 7.4.x - Hashicorp Vault as Credential Store


This section contains HTTPS proxy-related settings.

Type: string
Required: no
Default: N/A

Description: The name or IP address of the HTTPS proxy server.

Type: integer
Required: no
Default: 3128

Description: The port number of the HTTPS proxy server.

Store sensitive plugin data securely

By default, the configuration of the plugin is stored on SPS in the configuration of SPS. Make sure that you store the sensitive parameters (for example, password) of the plugin in an encrypted way.

To store sensitive plugin data securely

  1. Log in to SPS, navigate to Policies > Credential Stores and create a Local Credential Store. For details, see "Configuring local Credential Stores" in the Administration Guide.

    Instead of usernames and passwords, you will store the configuration parameters of the plugin in this Credential Store.

  2. Add the plugin parameters you want to store in an encrypted way to the Credential Store. You can store any configuration parameter of the plugin in the Credential Store, but note that if an option appears in the Credential Store, the plugin will use it. If the same parameter appears in the configuration of the plugin, it will be ignored.

    • Enter the name of the configuration section without the brackets in the Host field (for example, hashicorp).

    • Enter the name of the plugin parameter in the Username field (for example, password).

    • Enter the value of the plugin parameter in the Passwords field.

    • Click .

  3. Navigate to the configuration of the plugin on the Policies > AA Plugin Configurations page.

  4. In the plugin configuration file, enter the name of the local Credential Store under the [credential_store] section as the value of the name parameter.

  5. Enter $ as the value of the parameter storing sensitive data.

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