Starling Two-Factor Authentication Hosted - RADIUS Agent Administrator Guide


One Identity Starling Two-Factor RADIUS Agent provides a RADIUS-compatible solution for two-factor authentication (one-time password authentication) through Software as a Service. Starling Two-Factor RADIUS Agent can be used on SaaS and on-premise applications that use RADIUS protocol for authentication.

Network diagram


If you have an application that can be configured to use RADIUS, you can use Starling Two-Factor RADIUS Agent as a Software as a Service for two-factor authentication. Starling Two-Factor RADIUS Agent forwards the authentication requests from the customer application to Starling Two-Factor Authentication. Starling Two-Factor Authentication validates the requests and responds to the applications with an appropriate authentication response. (Access-Accept, Access-Reject, or Access-Challenge).


The following are the prerequisites for installing Starling Two-Factor RADIUS Agent:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 or later
  • Starling Two-Factor Authentication subscription
  • A valid phone number and email id configured for the user

Running the installer

To run the installer:

  • Double-click the installer and follow the instructions on the installer screens and complete the installation.

NOTE: After the installation is complete, configure Starling Two-Factor RADIUS Agent settings. For details, see Starling Two-Factor RADIUS Agent configuration.

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