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Reporting Security Vulnerability

Report a Security Vulnerability

A security vulnerability is a flaw or weakness in the design, implementation, operation or management of a product or service that could be exploited to violate the system's security policy.  To protect businesses and organizations worldwide, it is critical that the broader community of IT and security professionals report potential vulnerabilities as soon as they are recognized. This allows industry experts to take appropriate action to resolve any vulnerability that is discovered.


Reporting a One Identity Security Vulnerability 

If you are aware of a potential security vulnerability with any One Identity product or service, we encourage you to contact us immediately using the Vulnerability Submission Form.  In connection with the completion and submission of the Vulnerability Submission Form, you may be asked to provide and we may collect certain personally identifiable information.  One Identity has a variety of security strategies intended to prevent unauthorized access to information we collect from third parties like you.  We take very seriously our responsibility for complying with established policies, processes and controls relating to the protection of our customers’ data. 

Once the information has been received, support will contact you directly to discuss the report in more detail.

To receive acknowledgement, you must be the first reporter of a vulnerability and provide us a reasonable amount of time to remediate before publicly disclosing. When submitting a vulnerability, please provide concise steps to reproduce that are easily understood.

Terms and Conditions


How One Identity Responds to a Vulnerability Submission 

All reported vulnerabilities are investigated by One Identity. In most cases, a response for reported vulnerabilities should be expected within 24 to 48 business hours. Throughout the investigation process, One Identity makes every effort to work collaboratively with the incident reporter to investigate the vulnerability, gather required technical information, and to determine an appropriate action plan.

Upon investigation, if the reported issue is determined by One Identity to not be a vulnerability the Service Request will be closed and it is expected that the reporter will not report the issue publicly as a vulnerability without informing One Identity first.


Responsible Disclosure 

Notifying a vendor prior to releasing information publicly about a vulnerability is standard practice in the security industry and is known as “responsible disclosure.” This advance notice allows vendors to research and fix vulnerabilities before computer criminals are notified of their existence – keeping the Internet safer for business. We appreciate your assistance in ensuring that One Identity products and services are secure.



To review One Identity's Vulnerabilty Reporting Acknowledgements click here.