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Starling CertAccess Hosted - Administration Guide for One Identity Active Roles Integration

About this guide Starling CertAccess basics The Starling CertAccess Agent architecture Setting up initial synchronization Starling CertAccess Agent system requirements Installing, updating, and uninstalling Starling CertAccess Agent components Working with the Starling CertAccess Agent

Paid subscriptions

You can purchase a Starling CertAccess subscription through any Starling organization. A paid subscription offers you full access to the product (including the Starling CertAccess Agent) for the length of your contract and with a fixed number of user licenses. You will find pricing information about subscriptions for Starling CertAccess as a Starling Service on the Starling home page by clicking the More Information button. For more information, see Starting a paid subscription.

NOTE: To end your paid subscription, contact One Identity sales or support.

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Starting a paid subscription

To start a paid subscription, register with One Identity Starling and contact sales.

To start a paid subscription

  1. Sign in to Starling.

  2. On the home page, select the Starling Service Starling CertAccess and contact sales.

    Once the subscription has been set up and your Starling CertAccess instance has been provisioned, you will receive an email.

  3. If your trial period has not expired yet, end the trial.

    For more information, see Ending a trial subscription.

  4. Enter a domain name for your productive Starling CertAccess instance.

    The domain name may not be longer than 40 characters and must be unique within Starling.

  5. Click Production.

  6. This starts up a Starling CertAccess instance.

    It can take a while to complete. Once the instance is ready to use, you will receive an email containing a link to your instance.

    The instance is set up completely new. Data that were synchronized during the trial phase are no longer available.

  7. Install the Starling CertAccess Agent and set up your One Identity Active Roles synchronization.

    For more information, see Setting up initial synchronization.

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Updating the Starling CertAccess instance

From time to time, your Starling CertAccess instance may not be available due to maintenance work. Your Starling administrator is notified about the upcoming maintenance work. Administrative users see a warning on the Starling CertAccess website. If the instance is not accessible, all users see an appropriate message.

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The Starling CertAccess Agent architecture

The Starling CertAccess Agent secures the data exchange between Starling CertAccess and Active Directory managed through One Identity Active Roles. The Starling CertAccess Agent synchronizes the Active Directory environment and immediately provisions changes that were made in Starling CertAccess in the connected Active Directory domains. Synchronization is started once a day.

The Starling CertAccess Agent contains on-premises components that are required for the Starling CertAccess configuration and for synchronizing with One Identity Active Roles.

The Starling CertAccess Agent consists of the following components:

  • Starling CertAccess Launchpad

    Use the Starling CertAccess Launchpad to guide you through various administrative tasks:

    • Manage Starling CertAccess administrators

    • Install the Starling CertAccess Service

    • Configure email notification distribution

    • Install the Active Roles ADSI provider

    • Set up synchronization and synchronize an Active Directory environment through One Identity Active Roles

    • Display the Starling CertAccess Service's status

    • Configure automatic identity assignment

    • Configure automatic assignment of system entitlements to the IT Shop

    You install the Starling CertAccess Launchpad on an administrative workstation.

  • Starling CertAccess Service

    The Starling CertAccess Service carries out the following tasks:

    • Synchronization between Starling CertAccess and Active Roles

    • Distribution of email notifications

    • Generating reports

    You install the Starling CertAccess Service on a server. On the server, the Active Roles ADSI client for communicating with Active Roles must be installed respective to the version of Active Roles. A server running the Starling CertAccess Service is subsequently called the Job server.

Starling CertAccess Agent supports synchronization with Active Roles in versions 6.9, 7.0, 7.2, 7.3.1, 7.3.3, 7.4.1, 7.4.3, and 7.4.4.

Figure 1: The Starling CertAccess Agent architecture

Figure 2: Starling CertAccess Agent topology

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