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Starling CertAccess Hosted - Administration Guide for One Identity Active Roles Integration

About this guide Starling CertAccess basics The Starling CertAccess Agent architecture Setting up initial synchronization Starling CertAccess Agent system requirements Installing, updating, and uninstalling Starling CertAccess Agent components Working with the Starling CertAccess Agent

Working with the Starling CertAccess Agent

Use the Starling CertAccess Agent to set up synchronization between an Active Roles managed Active Directory environment and Starling CertAccess. In this case, the Active Directory domains are seen as the primary system. Modifications in the primary system are transferred on a daily basis to Starling CertAccess. Changes to Active Directory group memberships in Starling CertAccess are published immediately in the Active Directory domain.

Use the Starling CertAccess Agent to perform the following:

  • Manage Starling CertAccess administrators

  • Install the Starling CertAccess Service

  • Configure email notification distribution

  • Install the Active Roles ADSI provider

  • Set up synchronization and synchronize an Active Directory environment through One Identity Active Roles

  • Display the Starling CertAccess Service's status

  • Configure automatic identity assignment

  • Configure automatic assignment of system entitlements to the IT Shop

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Starting the Starling CertAccess Launchpad

The Starling CertAccess Launchpad allows you to run all the functions of the Starling CertAccess Agent.

To start the Launchpad

  1. In the Windows start menu, select Starling CertAccess Launchpad.

  2. When prompted, enter the configuration data for your Starling CertAccess instance.

  3. If your Starling CertAccess instance has been updated, the Starling CertAccess Agent updates automatically as well. This loads the newest version of the Starling CertAccess Agent and installs it.

    • In the Auto update prompt, click Yes.

  4. Sign in with your Starling credentials.

    • Click Next.

      This starts the Launchpad.

  5. To minimize the application in the task bar, click Close.

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Loading the Starling CertAccess instance configuration file

To communicate with Starling CertAccess, the Starling CertAccess Agent requires the key of your Starling CertAccess instance. This key might be required when you start the Launchpad for the first time or when you set up synchronization. The key is not stored permanently due to security reasons and must be renewed when required.

To use the Starling CertAccess Agent key

  1. Open your Starling CertAccess instance's Starling CertAccess website.

  2. Copy the Starling CertAccess Agent key into the clipboard. Under Step 2, click Copy.

    IMPORTANT: Save your Starling CertAccess Agent key in a safe place because you will need it later.

To load the configuration data

  1. In the Starling CertAccess configuration data dialog, copy your Starling CertAccess Agent key into the text field.

  2. Click OK.
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Editing general settings

The initial Launchpad login uses the system language for the user interface. In the Launchpad's general settings, you can change the language

To change the general settings

  1. In the Launchpad's header, click .

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Edit the following settings.

    • Language: Language used for formatting data, such as date formats, time formats, and number formats.

    • Alternative display language: This specifies whether the Starling CertAccess Agent's application text is displayed in another language. The language changes take effect after restarting the Launchpad.

  4. Click OK.
  5. Restart the Launchpad.

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