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Starling CertAccess Hosted - Release Notes

One Identity Starling CertAccess

One Identity Starling CertAccess

Release Notes

17 June 2021

These release notes provide information about the One Identity Starling CertAccess version from 17 June 2021 release. One Identity Starling CertAccess documentation is available in both English and German.

You will find the current versions of the product documentation under Starling CertAccess documentation.


About this release

One Identity Starling CertAccess delivered access requests and access certifications in the form of a Software as a Service solution allow Starling CertAccess to augment One Identity Active Roles with approvals, notifications, escalations, and other business processes for your hybrid environment. Use Starling CertAccess to easily satisfy attestation and recertification policy requirements while providing auditors what they need.

Starling CertAccess is integrated as a service in One Identity Starling (

Starling CertAccess is a minor release with new functionality and improved behavior. See Features and Enhancements.


New features in the Starling CertAccess version from 17 June 2021:

  • Starling Governance has been renamed to Starling CertAccess.

Starling CertAccess Agent
  • In Starling CertAccess Agent, you can now edit the list of system entitlements that are not automatically assigned to the IT Shop after synchronizing. Therefore, the Active Directory groups listed here cannot be requested in the Starling CertAccess Web Portal.

Starling CertAccess Web Portal
  • The Starling CertAccess IT Shop and attestation features can now be individually deactivated in the Web Portal if they are not going to be used.

  • It is now possible to display attestation runs in the Web Portal. You can also display the attestation cases that belong to an attestation run and download a report that provides an overview of the state of attestation cases.

See also:

List of new features in previous versions of Starling CertAccess


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in the Starling CertAccess version from 17 June 2021.

Table 1: Starling CertAccess Agent


Issue ID

Improved error messages in the Starling CertAccess Service's log file.

34238, 275045

To minimize the number of email notifications sent to attestators, notifications about pending attestation cases are only sent once a day by default. This means that the Notification by email feature cannot be used for attestations.

Email notifications about pending requests continue to be sent separately. You can configure the required behavior in the Starling CertAccess Launchpad.

34242, 34312

Improved documentation about the Starling CertAccess Service permissions required for synchronizing with One Identity Active Roles in the One Identity Starling CertAccess Administration Guide for One Identity Active Roles Integration.


Table 2: Starling CertAccess Web Portal


Issue ID

New report:

  • Auditing of requests: This report contains a list of requests including their request history. The report is limited to a maximum of 5000 requests.

  • Detailed status of an attestation run: This report contains the status of an attestation run including an estimated time for completing the attestation.

19310, 34219

An identity cannot assigned to its manager as a manager.


If attestation of user accounts that are not connected to an identity is approved, then the user accounts are not presented for attestation anymore. In the Data Explorer, user accounts that are not connected with an identity can be filtered by different categories.


Improved performance creating attestation cases.

34017, 34039, 34243

The Data Explorer now shows whether a system entitlement is managed dynamically in Active Roles. Memberships in these system entitlements cannot be edited in the Web Portal.

34168, 34323, 273350

All Starling CertAccess administrators are now target system managers for Active Directory as well.


You can now add images to service categories that show the requesters.


Creating and editing attestation polices have been reworked and extended:

  • Obsolete attestation policy options are no shown anymore.

  • The next regular start of an attestation policy is now displayed.

  • Enabled attestation policies with disabled schedules are not displayed as disabled anymore.

264383, 268558, 269953

The Web Portal now supports HTTP compression.


Identities can now be activated and deactivated using a button in the Data Explorer.


In the Data Explorer, you can now create service items for system entitlements.


In the Data Explorer, you can now display each attestation case of the system entitlements and identities.


On the request shops overview page a alert is displayed if none of the system entitlements can are requestable.


In the Data Explorer, the following system entitlement filters have changed:

  • Previous: Published

    New: Requestable

  • Previous: Not published

    New: Not requestable


You can now download a report that provides an overview of the state of the associated attestation cases.


In the Data Explorer, memberships in a system entitlement are now displayed separately as directly or indirectly assigned.


The button for deleting an attestation polices is now grayed out as long as any attestation cases associated with it still exist.


Resolved issues

The following is a list of solved problems in this version.

Table 3: Starling CertAccess Agent

Resolved issue

Issue ID

In the Launchpad, the help does not work in the Starling CertAccess configuration data dialog.

34207, 274123

Error occurs if several queries with the same access token reach the application server at the same time.

34220, 270570, 274597

Error generating reports if the query contains an order by statement.


Table 4: Starling CertAccess Web Portal

Resolved issue

Issue ID

In reports, the user who added an assignment is not always displayed.


Missing page break in the Risk index (calculated) column heading in some reports.


In the web browser, query exceptions appear as errors in the log files.


When you log off from the Web Portal and log in again with another user, the user profile is displayed incorrectly.


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