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Download Active Roles 8.0 LTS - Long Term Support release (ISO)


Active Roles provides out-of-the-box user and group account management, strictly enforced role-based security, day-to-day identity administration and built-in auditing and reporting for Windows-centric environments. Active Roles offers point-and-click modular configuration for easy deployments, along with rules and a delegated administration model to ensure correct access and tight security. A multi-level workflow, Web interfaces for self service and integration points reduce costs associated with user provisioning, with no custom coding required. The Language Pack provides support for the following languages: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Portuguese (Brazilian and European), Spanish.

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SHA256: A296863305E6F361D67E882D6F436B778AF3AA62F24B7310C8A8AC5B888D845C