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Identity Manager Notifica sul prodotto

Discontinued Support

Support for Identity Manager 6.0.x is now in discontinued support. To ensure your product is eligible for full support, we encourage you to upgrade to version 6.1.x or higher. To determine the current support phase of your product and ensure eligibility for product support, please refer to the Product LifeCycle. Definitions on the stages of our LifeCycle support policy can be found at the end of this notification.

To see what’s new or improved in the latest version, see the Identity Manager 7.1 Release Notification and Release Notes.

If you have considered upgrading but due to time constraints or concerns over how to do this with minimum disruption, consider engaging with the One Identity Professional Services team.

If, at any time, your business requires Continuing Support or demands a higher level of support, we can help you find a service that better fits your needs, such as 24x7 support or proactive Premier Support. Visit our Support Services page for more information.

Be sure to check out the One Identity Product Support page to find product support policies & PLC, knowledge articles, video tutorials, tips and tricks, downloads, technical documentation, training and visit the One Identity Community user forum.

If you have any questions or comments, please Contact Support. If you have a technical issue, please log a Service Request. You can also manage your Product Notifications.

Thank You,

One Identity

A Quest Software business

LifeCycle Definitions

Full support

Product is fully supported and is the generally available release or version. The most current released version of a product and one or more prior releases are included. Enhancement requests for this release are accepted and may be considered for future releases. Maintenance releases or hot fixes are periodically made available for this release. Release or version is fully supported by both Support and Development. Release or version is available for download from our Support Portal.

Limited support

Support is available for this release or version, and we will use best efforts to provide known workarounds or fixes. No new code fixes will be generated except under extreme circumstances and at our discretion. Enhancement requests are not accepted. You are encouraged to plan an upgrade to a release or version on full support. Release or version is available for download from our Support Portal.


Includes release or versions that are retired or discontinued. No new patches or fixes will be created for this release. Release is not available for download from our Support Portal. Support will be provided to assist with upgrading to a supported version. Support is not obligated to provide assistance on this version of the product.