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Identity Manager 9.1 - Web Designer Web Portal User Guide

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Requesting products

A request process is triggered when you request a product. Whether you are authorized to request a product depends on your role and your permissions. Managers or other authorized users can make a request for other identities in their name.

You can complete a request in three steps:

  1. Add the desired product to your shopping cart (see Adding products to the shopping cart).

  2. Verify the shopping cart and amend the product requests as required (see Managing products in the shopping cart).

  3. Submit the request (see Submitting requests).

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Adding products to the shopping cart

To request products, first you must select them and add them to your shopping cart.

To add products to the shopping cart

  1. In the menu bar, click Request > My Requests.

  2. On the My requests page, click Start a new request.

  3. On the Request page, perform the following:

    • In the Find a service item field, enter the name of the required product and click (Search in all categories).

    • Click the tile of service category that contains the product you wan tot request.

    The relevant products are displayed.

    TIP: If you want to change the selected service category, click Change service category and then click the service category you require.

    If the service category contains a child category, select the child category you want from the Service items in the category menu.

    To display the products of the main categories and subcategories combined, enable the Include child categories option.

  4. Perform one of the following tasks:

    • Add a product to the shopping cart: Next to the product with the product you want to request, click Add to cart.

    • Add multiple products to the shopping cart: Select the appropriate check boxes next to the products you want to request and click Add to cart below the list.

    TIP: If you select a product that has dependent products, a dialog opens that allows you to request these products as well.

    NOTE: If you select a product that requires additional information, a corresponding dialog opens.

    NOTE: If you select a group, a dialog opens, where you must enter a name, which gives advice on naming, group type and target container. The approver adds the group based on this information (see Approving pending requests from newly created Active Directory groups).

    This opens the Shopping Cart page. Now, you can check the request and, if necessary, add to each product request (see Managing products in the shopping cart). Then send the request (see Submitting requests).

    Or you can continue working in the Web Portal to do things such as add more products.

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Managing products in the shopping cart

After you have added products to your shopping cart (see Adding products to the shopping cart), you can delete individual product requests from the cart, add more details to them, or perform other actions.

NOTE: In certain circumstances, you may cause a request to violate compliance rules if it allocates a specific entitlement to a business role. For example, an identity may obtain an unauthorized entitlement through this business role. In this case, the compliance violation is displayed in the details pane of the shopping cart.

To manage products in the shopping cart

  1. In the menu bar, click Request > My Requests.

  2. On the My requests page, click Shopping cart.

  3. On the Shopping Cart page, edit the shopping cart.
    You can perform the following actions:

  4. Ensure you only have requests that you really want to submit in your cart.

    NOTE: If your shopping cart contains products that you want to request more often, make a template from the shopping cart (see Managing request templates).

    Now you can send your request (see Submitting requests).

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Displaying the shopping cart

After you have added products to your shopping cart (see Adding products to the shopping cart), you can view all the products in your shopping cart along with their details.

To display the products in your shopping cart

  1. In the menu bar, click Request > My Requests.

  2. On the My requests page, click Shopping cart.

    This opens the My Shopping Cart page (see My shopping cart (page description)).

  3. Now you can add more products to your shopping cart, set additional options for products in the shopping cart, or submit the request.

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