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TPAM Product Notification

Critical Alerts

TPAM Appliance 2.5
ShellShock Vulnerability and Associated Performance Problems

Recently One Identity announced a resolution for the TPAM Appliance 2.5 and the BASH shell subsystem currently referred to as the ShellShock Security Vulnerability. For more information on this critical release please refer to solution SOL133202.

As part of this vulnerability resolution, a small subset of customers have experienced performance problems relating to the execution of certain CLI commands. These commands when executed may cause high CPU usage, and may impact the performance of the appliance. The result in some situations may require a reboot of the TPAM appliance.

One Identity has developed a new hotfix for TPAM version 2.5 to resolve such issues. This new hotfix_6788 also contains the ShellShock Vulnerability resolution, therefore we have replaced the previous hotfix_6763 with this new hotfix_6788 within our Support Portal.

For additional information regarding this possible performance issue please review SOL133765

To download hotfix_6788 please login to the TPAM Appliance Portal.

Release Notes containing more information on what’s new in this release can be found under the Documentation section on our support portal. Your specific product information such as top solutions, tips and tricks, tutorials, notifications and life cycle tables can be found at Support by Product.

If you have any questions or comments, please log a request using our Manage Service Request tool or see the Contact Support page for other contact methods available.