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Enterprise Single Sign-On Product Notification

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Critical Product Notification
Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.0.6

An internal certificate expiry prevents certain versions of Enterprise Single Sign-On ssoengine.exe executable from properly starting the SSOWatch service, rendering the software non-functioning.

How does this affect Enterprise Single Sign-On?

Windows applications such as Enterprise Single Sign-On utilize digitally signed certificates so that they can interact with Windows Operating Systems in a safe and secure manner. On Feb 23rd 2015 the certificate utilized by Enterprise Single Sign-On expired. This will cause the Windows Operating System to reject execution of the ssoengine.exe executable as part of the User Account Control mechanism enabled within the operating system by default. This prevents the Enterprise Single Sign-ON SSOWatch service from starting.

Customers running all Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.0.6 versions (Applies to 8.0.6 (4832), 8.0.6 SP2 (4927-2), 8.0.6 SP3 (5086), 8.0.6 SP4 (5184.6), 8.0.6 SP5 (5386)) attempting to start the ssoengine.exe service after Feb 23rd 2015 will be presented with an error dialog box stating “ssoengine.exe A referral was returned from the server”. The result is that the service does not start, rendering the Enterprise Single Sign-On unavailable. Customers using all versions of 8.0.5 and below are not impacted by this issue.


To work around this issue User Account Control must be disabled. For additional information on this workaround and detailed steps please consult knowledgebase article SOL148061


A new build of Enterprise Single Sign-On has been developed to resolve this issue and has replaced the previous 8.0.6 version, it is entitled Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.0.6 SP5 Update (QESSO_8.0.6.5386.17). To obtain this download along with additional information and instructions to upgrade, please review knowledgebase article SOL148175 on the Software Support Portal.

If you have any questions or comments, please log a request using our Manage Service Request tool or see the Contact Support page for other contact methods available.