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Password Manager Product Notification

Critical Alerts
Password Manager & Telesign

Critical Product Notification

Due to changes that have been implemented by Telesign, customers that have configured SMS based verification with Password Manager, using the Telephone Verification Add-On Option, may experience a loss in functionality.

The SMS based verification for Password Manager is provided via a Telesign API which utilizes the SOAP protocol. Telesign has announced that they are deprecating their support for their SOAP API, and switching support entirely to their REST API.

How does this affect Password Manager? 

All attempts at verification utilizing the SOAP API will cease to function as of 01/31/2017. Customers that are utilizing Password Manager 5.6.2 or previous versions will no longer be able to authenticate.


To update the API method that Password Manager uses to communicate with Telesign, please ensure you are running either version 5.6.3 which has been updated to include the REST API interface changes, or ensure you are running version 5.6.2 and have applied Public Hotfix 216652.

If you are currently running a version of Password Manager that is older than 5.6.2, the download for the 5.6.2 version is located here

Questions or comments 

If you have any questions or comments, please Contact Support. If you have a technical issue, please log a Service Request. Please do not respond directly to this email notification.

You can manage your Product Notifications or email Customer Service to unsubscribe from all future notifications. 

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