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Safeguard Authentication Services Product Notification

Product Release

New Product Version Release

Authentication Services 4.1.5


One Identity is excited to announce a new version of Authentication Services is now available.

Top issues resolved in 4.1.5:  

  • 752224 - On OSX 10.13.2+ Messages are sent to “/var/log/vasd” instead of syslog. This stops a hanging scenario when writing to syslog. Any messages from vasd processes, from default levels to debug levels, now go to this file. Note: Any customer using Authentication Services on OSX.13.2+ should upgrade to this version or later.
  • 730816 - During password login, cache the user's pwdLastSet value from the PAC provided by Active Directory. This prevents the user being asked to change their password when vasd can't read the correct pwdLastSet attribute value from Active Directory.
  • 724526 - Full buffer timeout now scales with vasache-ipc timeout setting in vas.conf. This better handles heavy loads and reduces Kernel load under these situations.

For full details of all corrections and improvements, please see the Release Notes.

Check out this helpful knowledge article:

Knowledge Article 228689

If you need assistance with upgrading Authentication Services, please engage our One Identity Services team. If you need additional services to assist you with upgrading Authentication Services or ensuring your solution is running optimally, please visit our Authentication Services Consulting Services page.

Be sure to check out the Authentication Services Product Support page to find solution articles, tips and tricks, Video Tutorials, documentation, life cycle tables, notifications, training, and a product User Forum.