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One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions Product Notification

Discontinued Support

N-series (Pyramid) Hardware Solutions - Discontinued Support, 31 March 2019 

See  what you need to do to upgrade your older hardware solutions

Thank you for your continued use of One Identity (formerly Balabit) products. This is your official notice that all versions of N-series (Pyramid) hardware will reach end-of-support on 31-March-2019. After this date, technical support will no longer be available for this product. This change will affect all users of Balabit Shell Control Box and syslog-ng Store Box customers on Pyramid hardware.

To minimize disruption to your business, we have created a program for you to upgrade your obsolete N-series hardware to the more advanced One Identity T-series hardware at a heavily discounted price.

Below you can find important information about the N-series hardware upgrade program:


This program is designed to allow customers who purchased Balabit N-Series Hardware (aka Pyramid Server) to upgrade to One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions Appliance T-Series Hardware or syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) T-Series Hardware.


  • The upgrade may only be performed on N-Series hardware current on maintenance. 
  • Customers can only use this program ONCE, i.e. a customer must upgrade all eligible hardware in a single transaction.
  • Program expires on 31-Jan-2019


  • Balabit N-Series hardware support EOL date is 31-March-2019. There will be no further renewal of existing N- series-based support contracts
  • The cost of the maintenance renewal of the upgraded asset will be the existing annual maintenance fee + 25 percent of the upgrade hardware cost.
  • Upgrading customers can continue to use their existing software licenses. Customers do not have to swap to One Identity licenses. (License swap is only needed in the case of license extension.)
  • Maintenance services for older versions of N-Series hardware will cease within thirty (30) days of receiving the T-Series hardware. Customers do not have to return the N-Series hardware.
  • Professional Services for Migration (optional): Customers have the option of engaging One Identity Professional Services Organization to assist with the migration.
  • Customers who do not intend to participate in the upgrade program cannot renew their maintenance contracts of N-Series hardware and software. These products will not be supported by One Identity.

What you need to do:

If you have further questions or want to get a quote for the hardware upgrade, please contact your One Identity (formerly Balabit) sales/channel representative or send an email to

One Identity is committed to providing your organization with world-class support for your ongoing products and services needs.