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syslog-ng Premium Edition Product Notification

Product Release

New Product Version Release

syslog-ng Premium Edition 7.0.11

One Identity is excited to announce a new version of syslog-ng Premium Edition is now available.

Look what's new in 7.0.11:

  • New template functions are available: url-encode(), url-decode() and base64-encode().
  • syslog-ng-ctl config command: can display the contents of the configuration file that syslog-ng is currently running.
  • When hdfs-append-enabled is set to true, syslog-ng will append new data to the end of an already existing HDFS file. Note that in this case, archiving is automatically disabled, and syslog-ng PE will ignore the hdfs-archive-dir option.
  • Write your own message source in Python: Starting with syslog-ng PE version 7.0.11, you can write custom message sources in Python. Both server-style and fetcher-style sources are supported. For more details, see "Python LogMessage API" in the Administration Guide and "python-fetcher: writing fetcher-style Python sources" in the Administration Guide. 
  • Write your own destination in Python: Extending syslog-ng PE in Python with templates and parsers has been supported for several releases, but so far this feature was not available. Now you can find more details about this feature in "python: writing custom Python destinations" in the Administration Guide.
  • Reset the license counter: You can now configure syslog-ng PE to reset the counter that stores the list of known hosts. That way, you can make syslog-ng PE forget old clients that do not exist anymore, and otherwise would be counted against the license limit. This is especially useful in large datacenters or cloud environments where the client hosts are deployed and removed frequently.

If you need assistance with upgrading syslog-ng Premium Edition or ensuring your solution is running optimally, please engage our One Identity Services team. If you need additional services, visit our syslog-ng Premium Edition Services page.

syslog-ng Premium Edition 6.0.12 is now in limited support. To determine the current support phase of your product, please refer to the syslog-ng Premium Edition Life Cycle table.

Be sure to check out the syslog-ng Premium Edition Product Support page to find solution articles, tips and tricks, tutorials, documentation, notifications, life cycle tables, training, and a product User Forum.