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syslog-ng Store Box Product Notification

Product Release

New Product Version Release

syslog-ng Store Box 5.2


One Identity is excited to announce a new version of syslog-ng Store Box is now available.

Look what's new in 5.2.0:

syslog-ng Store Box now uses syslog-ng Premium Edition version 7.0. As a result, the following features have changed:

  • The Pair separator string option has been added to Log > Parsers. You can now define a character or string that separates the key-value pairs from each other.
  • From SSB version 5.2.0, SSB now supports SMB 2.1 or later. This change affects your servers and clients that you use for archive, backup and shared logspace purposes. Make sure that they support SMB 2.1 or later. Otherwise these features will not work.
  • The Ignore ambiguous program field option has been removed from the Log > Sources page, because syslog-ng PE now handles this both in case of IETF and BSD protocols.
  • Reliable Log Transfer Protocol (RLTP) has been renamed to Advanced Log Transfer Protocol (ALTP).

Important Note: 

SNMP destinations and SQL sources have been removed in the current feature release.

Do not upgrade to SSB 5.2.0 if you are currently using and want to continue to use:

  • SNMP destinations
  • SQL sources

These functionalities have been removed from SSB starting with this version. Upgrading from 5 LTS and its minor versions would mean that you would have to upgrade to 5.2.0 - to continue to receive support for the product.

Staying on 5 LTS and its minor versions means that you will not have access to the HDFS destination functionality available in SSB starting with version 5.1.0, however, you will continue to get support for 3 years after the original publication date of 5 LTS (December 2017) and for 1 year after the next LTS release is published (whichever date is later). 

If you need assistance with upgrading syslog-ng Store Box or ensuring your solution is running optimally, please engage our One Identity Services team. If you need additional services, please visit our syslog-ng Store Box Services page.

syslog-ng Store Box 5.1.0 is now in limited support. To determine the current support phase of your product, please refer to the syslog-ng Store Box Life Cycle table.

Be sure to check out the syslog-ng Store Box Product Support page to find solution articles, tips and tricks, tutorials, documentation, notifications, life cycle tables, training, and a product User Forum.