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TPAM Product Notification

Discontinued Support

Thank you for your continued support of One Identity solutions. This is your early notice that all versions of TPAM (Privileged Password Manager and Privileged Session Manager) will reach end of support on February 01, 2022. After this date, technical support will no longer be available for this product. We will continue to provide support for all TPAM customers under support maintenance through to the scheduled end of support date of 01-Feb-2022. Please refer to our published product lifecycle table for the support status phasing on individual versions of TPAM.

As you are aware One Identity has released a much improved next generation solution for managing privileged access, One Identity Safeguard. We built Safeguard based on listening to your challenges with TPAM and as a valued TPAM customer you are entitled to swap your current TPAM assets to Safeguard. Safeguard was architected to maximize security while being frictionless for users and transparent to operations. By moving to Safeguard you can get important new features including:

A session management solution that can be deployed in transparent mode requiring no changes to users' tools or workflows and includes real-time alerting and blocking.

A password management solution that empowers you to approve passwords requests from anywhere and includes a REST API so that you can integrate processes easily.

An Analytics solution that uses pattern-free analysis to detect unknown bad behaviors and reduces alert noise by categorizing alerts by risk and deviation levels. 

We have put together a process to make it easy for you learn about the features of One Identity Safeguard. It includes providing you with an assessment of your current environment and an extended pilot of Safeguard. Many TPAM customers have already made the transition to Safeguard and the feedback on the process and benefits of migration has been very positive. Depending on the size of your organization the process can take two or three weeks, not months. Your One Identity account representative is available to discuss any specific questions you have regarding the retirement of TPAM and the move to One Identity Safeguard. If you need assistance in locating your account representative, please visit the Contact Us page. 

We are committed to providing you with world-class support while handling your ongoing product and services needs. For more information on the product life cycle and to find solution articles, tips and tricks, tutorials, documentation, notifications, and a product user forum be sure to check out the TPAM Product Support page.