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Discontinued Support

Starling 2FA Chrome Application


Google announced in January 2020 that they will be ending support of Chrome Apps across all operating systems starting June 2020. 

As a result, Startling 2FA for Chrome app will no longer be supported. This means that we will not be publishing updates, fixing defects, or making improvements to the Startling 2FA for Chrome app going forward. 

It will continue working as-is, however Google may remove the ability for it to be installed or updated in future.

We strongly recommend that you immediately switch to using our desktop and mobile apps as a replacement. These apps offer similar if not better features and are fully supported and regularly updated. Simply download one or more of these apps and follow the steps to transfer your existing account tokens.


You can download the Starling 2FA app for mobile and desktop systems from the downloads page when logging in to your Starling 2FA subscription.

Alternatively, you can use the following direct download links to download the Starling 2FA app for various systems:

• Android:

• iOS:

• Windows(64-bit):

• Macintosh(64-bit):

You can also use the "Get the App" link ( to automatically detect which version to install based on the system from which the link is accessed.

Once you have installed the app on a new device, to make sure that your tokens are successfully transferred from the Starling 2FA Chrome App:

1. Make sure the ‘Multi-device’ option is ON in the Starling 2FA Chrome App.

2. Launch the desktop or mobile version of the Starling 2FA app.

3. Configure the app using the same phone number you have used in the Starling 2FA Chrome App.

4. You should now see all your tokens in the new application.

For additional information please review KB 315519