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Active Roles 7.4.3 - Web Interface Timeout

The Active Roles 7.4.3 Web Interface reports a timeout error when reading a user objects general properties. This occurs when the attempt is made to read the properties of a delegated user or logged on user without the required permissions on the Password Settings container (CN= Password Settings Container, CN=System) located under each managed domain.

How does this affect me?

The issue affects delegated users trying to access the general properties of a user object under a managed unit or organizational unit within the Web interface console. 

This does not affect the MMC console.


Workaround #1:

Use Active Roles MMC console to read User object general properties which is not impacted by the defect.

Workaround #2

1. Provide permission for all objects to read all objects to read all properties on the specific managed unit or organization unit.

2. Create an access template:  Add permissions Allow for Read objectClass and Apply to Container,Organization Unit and ms-DS-Password-Settings-Container classes

3. Apply Access Template to container N=Password Settings Container,CN=System) within the MMC console under each managed domain. 




A public hotfix will be released shortly to resolve the time out issue within the Active Roles 7.4.3 Web interface. 

For additional information regarding this issue please review knowledgebase article 320328.

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused and we are working quickly to resolve the problem.