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Active Roles 7.4.3

Unintentional display of privileged credential.

How does this affect me?

This issue affects Active Roles version 7.4.3 only when Azure is configured and only when debug logging is enabled.


Active Roles logging is disabled by default however to ensure any risk is mitigated please review the following Knowledgebase Article #329370 which explains how to enable and disable logging, along with where the Active Roles logs are stored.

It is advised to delete any current logs present on the systems, and not utilize logging until the hotfix has been installed.

This is only required if Azure is configured for use with Active Roles.


The hotfix must be installed on each Active Roles system which is running the Active Roles service.  

These systems can be easily located by navigating to the Active Roles console/MMC, choosing the following items: configuration / server configuration /administration services. 


A hotfix to Active Roles 7.4.3 will be available on December 4, 2020. Please review Knowledge Article #329361 for further details on this issue. 

We suggest that even if Azure integration is not implemented, the hotfix still be installed to protect any future configurations with Azure.

We apologize for the inconvenience this issue may have caused and we are working quickly correct it.

Thank You,

One Identity

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