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syslog-ng Store Box Product Notification

Discontinued Support
Discontinued Support

syslog-ng Store Box 3000 series hardware

Thank you for your continued support of One Identity solutions.

Due to changing market demands, today One Identity will begin the End-of-Life process for syslog-ng Store Box hardware appliances. We will stop selling on August 31, 2023.

Our focus moving forward is to deliver syslog-ng Store Box virtual appliances and cloud solutions. This announcement has no bearing on the future of syslog-ng StoreBox as a product offering. This only applies to the hardware solution. One Identity is committed to developing, supporting and selling this technology far into the future.

How does this affect me?

If you are running a syslog-ng Store Box on a 3000 series hardware appliance, you will have to migrate to a virtual appliance by the end of the hardware support period to enjoy the benefits of your maintenance contract and receive support from One Identity.

The migration path is described in detail in the following Knowledge Base article. Migration of Syslog-ng Store Box to a new appliance (4287133) (

For assistance with planning and executing your migration Professional Services is recommended. Contact Professional Services. 

The updated support lifecycle dates:

Syslog-ng Store Box 3000 and 3500 appliances

Last day sold: August 31, 2023

End of support: August 31, 2026

Again, thank you for support of syslog-ng solutions. Contact your sales representative if you have any question.