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ONELOGIN Product Notification

Critical Alerts
This email contains important information relating to an immediate Request Cap Change.  
Dear OneLogin Administrator, 
Our security team has been monitoring ongoing security events due to DOS attacks. In order to mitigate the impact of these events on our services, we are going to decrease the request cap on a per IP basis within the next 24 hours. This is not a decrease of our API rate limits. This is a decrease on the number of web requests that can come from a single IP.
We do not expect this to impact normal usage of OneLogin, therefore, we do not expect any customer impact. However, if you have a use case where the majority of your OneLogin requests come from a single IP address, then this will put a cap on the number of requests you can make per minute. If you see that this is affecting your usage, please reach out to support and we will determine an appropriate cap based on your use case. 
The OneLogin Team