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Quick Connect Express for AD Product Notification

Product Release

New Release of Quest® One Quick Connect Express for Active Directory 5.2
Available for Download

We are excited to announce a new version of Quest® One Quick Connect Express for Active Directory which is now ready for download.

Look What's New:

  • SID History synchronization between two Active Directory domains -Synchronize SID history between user objects in two Active Directory domains. For example, you may want to synchronize SID history when migrating users from one Active Directory domain to the other.
  • Silent Installation -Perform an unattended installation of Quick Connect Express for Active Directory by running a command.
  • LDAP query filtering of connection scope -Narrow the number of Active Directory or AD LDS (ADAM) objects participating in the connection scope by setting up filter conditions for specific object types. You can select the Active Directory or AD LDS (ADAM) object types for which you want to configure filter conditions, and then use LDAP queries to specify filter conditions where these objects will be included in the connection scope.
  • Support for back link attributes in Active Directory -Work with back link attributes in the Active Directory schema, such as memberOf, directReports, managedObjects and ownerBL. 


Download Now

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