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Single Sign-On for Java Product Notification

Critical Alerts

One Identity Support Critical Product Notification
Single Sign-On for Java all editions


A security vulnerability dealing with Kerberos has been discovered and a patch has been made available.  The nature of this security vulnerability made a replay attack possible and that a Kerberos application request could be used outside its expiration time.

How does this critical product notification affect users of Single Sign-On for Java?

Not all implementations of Single Sign-On for Java will be impacted by this security vulnerability. Since the vulnerability affects server code, not client code, this will not be an impact if you are using Single Sign-On for Java to act as a Kerberos / GSSAPI / SPNEGO client.

Also, if you are using Single Sign-On for Java for SPNEGO authentication of HTTPS clients and have not set 'idm.allowUnsecured=true' (Set in, then HTTPS natively provides transport-layer protection against replay attacks.

This critical product notification is relevant if you utilize Kerberized services such as code that calls the org.ietf.jgss.GSSContext.acceptSecContext methods and uses Single Sign-On as its Java GSSAPI provider.

For further details please review knowledgebase article SOL57176:

Please follow the instructions in the Resolution section of the knowledgebase article to apply the patch.


The issues described in this notification have been addressed by a patch that is immediately available.  Please review knowledgebase article SOL57176 for more specific details and patch download information.

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