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Active Roles 7.4.3 - Web Interface Administration Guide

Introduction Deploying the Web Interface Getting Started Web Interface Basics Performing Management Tasks Using Approval Workflow Customizing the Web Interface Default Commands

Enabling XSS

If you enable the CSRF settings, except the Home page, you can not copy the URLs of any other page and open them in a new tab or a new window on the browser. You can not open the bookmarked URLs also.

Default Commands

Web Interface for Administrators

The default configuration of the Web Interface site for Administrators includes the commands summarized in the following tables.

Domain menu


Table 4: Domain Menu



New Organizational Unit

Creates an Organizational Unit.


Lets you view or modify properties of a domain.

View Contents

Displays a list of objects that reside in a domain.

Change Operational DC

Lets you select a domain controller to use.

Change History

Lists the changes that were made to a domain.

View or Restore Deleted Objects

View or restore objects that were deleted from a domain.

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