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Starling Two-Factor Authentication Current - Administration Guide

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Enabling a user account

User accounts that were previously disabled will need to be re-enabled in order to allow them to access protected applications.

To enable a user account

  1. In the table on the Users page, select the check box associated with each user to be re-enabled.
  2. Click Enable.
  3. In the confirmation dialog, click Yes.

    The user account will be restored to the state it was in prior to being disabled.

Generating a temporary response code for a user

A temporary response code can be generated and then sent by an administrator or helpdesk collaborator to a user if they are unable to authenticate using their configured device. This code should only be sent after the identity of the user has been confirmed.

To generate a temporary response code for a user

  1. On the Users page, locate the user that requires a temporary response code.
  2. In the associated action column, click Temporary response.
  3. A Temporary Response dialog will appear. Send the numerical code to the user so that they can use the code to gain access to their application. The code will only be valid for 15 minutes and you will be unable to return to this dialog once it is closed.
  4. Once the user has gained access, click OK to close the dialog.

    NOTE: Clicking Temporary response for the same user before they have authenticated with the previous code will instantly expire the previously generated code and generate a new code. The user will need to use the most recently generated code within 15 minutes to authenticate.



Introduction to Approvals

The Approvals page is used by Administrators and Primary Administrators to approve changes to the collaborators for the service and to approve newly generated subscription keys. Only those actions taken by an Administrator require approval; Primary Administrators do not require approval from a second administrator.

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