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Impact of CVE-2021-44832 Apache Log4j Vulnerability
Impact of CVE-2021-44228 Apache Log4j Vulnerability
Upgrading syslog-ng Premium Edition 6 to 7
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syslog-ng Premium Edition - Download Software

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Customers under current support maintenance contract can download their relevant installation below


Release Date Download
Debian jessie amd64.deb (compact) (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018
Debian jessie amd64.deb (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018
Debian wheezy amd64.deb (compact) (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018
Debian wheezy amd64.deb (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018


Release Date Download
Linux glibc2.11 amd64 (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018
Linux glibc2.11 amd64 (compact) (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018


Release Date Download
Oracle 6 amd64 RPM (compact) (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018
Oracle 6 amd64 RPM (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018
Oracle 7 amd64 RPM (compact) (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018
Oracle 7 amd64 RPM (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

Release Date Download
Red Hat EL 6 amd64 RPM (compact) (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018
Red Hat EL 6 amd64 RPM (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018
Red Hat EL 7 amd64 RPM (compact) (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018
Red Hat EL 7 amd64 RPM (syslog-ng-pe) 6/19/2018

SELinux Policy Module

Release Date Download
Security enhanced Linux from 5F5 (syslog-ng-pe)7/6/2018

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)

Release Date Download
SLES 12 amd64 RPM (compact) (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018
SLES 12 amd64 RPM (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018


Release Date Download
Ubuntu precise amd64.deb (compact) (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018
Ubuntu precise amd64.deb (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018
Ubuntu trusty amd64.deb (compact) (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018
Ubuntu trusty amd64.deb (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018
Ubuntu xenial amd64.deb (compact) (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018
Ubuntu xenial amd64.deb (syslog-ng-pe)6/19/2018