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Active Roles On Demand Hosted - Release Notes

Active Roles Synchronization Service Capture Agent

Active Roles Synchronization Service Capture Agent

Active Roles Synchronization Service provides a Capture Agent to synchronize user passwords between Active Directory (AD) domains managed by the Synchronization Service and other connected data systems.

NOTE: To synchronize passwords from an AD domain to other connected data systems, you must install the Synchronization Service Capture Agent on all domain controllers in the source AD domain.

Table 6: Active Roles Synchronization Service system requirements

.NET Framework


Supported OS on domain controllers

Microsoft Windows Server 2022, 2019, or 2016 (Standard or Datacenter edition).

Both x86 and x64 platforms are supported, with or without any Service Packs.

Active Roles Reporting

Active Roles Reporting

Active Roles offers optional on-premises reporting capabilities with its Data Collector and Report Pack, allowing you to view Active Roles tracking logs for administrative roles, Managed Units (MUs), policy compliance, Policy Objects, and the state of key Active Directory (AD) objects.

Active Roles Data Collector and Report Pack facilitates the collection of environment data (stored in an SQL Server database) and the automated generation of reports on management activities. The Report Pack component is deployed on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to view, save, print, publish, and schedule Active Roles reports. For more information on the available report, see Available Active Roles Reports.

Table 7: Active Roles Collector and Report Pack system requirements

.NET Framework


Supported OS on domain controllers

Microsoft Windows Server 2022, 2019, or 2016 (Standard or Datacenter edition).

NOTE: Active Roles is not supported on Windows Server Core installations.

Supported databases

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019, 2017 or 2016, any edition.

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 or 2012, any edition, 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64), with or without any Service Packs.

.NET Framework


Other Active Roles components

The Active Roles Management Tools must be installed and must have the same version as the Active Roles Administration Service, due to using the Active Roles ADSI Provider component.

Available Active Roles Reports

Available Active Roles Reports

Active Roles provides reporting services for the following Active Directory and Active Roles objects, components and events.

Active Directory Assessment
  • Domains

    • Domain account SID resolution.

    • Domain Summary.

    • Domain Trusts.

  • Group Membership

    • Group Membership by groups.

    • Group Membership by users.

    • Users with domain administration rights.

  • Groups

    • Domain group statistics.

    • Empty groups.

    • Group hierarchy.

    • Group list with member statistics.

  • Organization Units (OUs)

    • Member statistics by OU.

    • OU hierarchy.

    • OU membership.

  • Other Directory Objects.

    • Active Directory object properties.

    • All discontinued computer accounts.

    • Computer accounts.

  • Potential Issues

    • Cycled groups.

  • Users

    • Account Information

      • Bad password information.

      • Password age information.

      • User account list.

      • User account options.

    • Exchange 2000-2003 (or newer)

      • Email delivery options.

      • Email delivery restrictions.

      • Mailbox information by user.

      • Active Roles tracking log.

    • Miscellaneous Information

      • Objects managed by a user.

      • Personnel hierarchy.

      • User profile information.

      • Users with specified properties.

    • Obsolete Accounts

      • All discontinued user accounts.

      • Deprovisioned user accounts.

      • Disabled user accounts.

      • Expired user accounts.

      • Inactive user accounts.

      • Locked user accounts.

      • User accounts with expired password.

Active Roles Tracking Log
  • Active Directory Management

    • Deprovisioning of user accounts.

    • Directory object management.

    • User attribute management.

  • Active Roles Configuration Changes

    • Control delegation.

    • Policy enforcement.

  • Active Roles Events

    • Active Roles events statistics.

    • Active Roles startup failures.

  • Active Roles Workflow

    • Approvals and rejections.

    • Workflow monitoring.

  • Dashboard

    • User account management.

Administrative Roles
  • Access Template permissions.

  • Access Template summary.

  • Access Templates linked to Managed Units (MUs).

  • Access Templates linked to OUs.

  • Control delegation by object.

  • Control delegation by object (with group hierarchy).

  • Control delegation by trustee.

  • Control delegation by trustee (with container hierarchy).

Managed Units
  • MU members.

  • MU membership rules.

  • MU summary.

  • MUs affected by policies.

  • MUs with delegated control.

Policy Compliance
  • Objects violating policy rules.

  • Violated policy rules.

Policy Objects
  • Linked property validation settings.

  • Linked property validation settings (with inheritance).

  • Linked script settings (with inheritance).

  • Policy Object references.

  • Policy Object settings.

  • Policy Object summary.

  • Policy Objects with securable objects.

  • Securable objects (with inheritance).

Product licensing

Use of this software is governed by:

This software does not require an activation or license key to operate.

The product usage statistics can be used as a guide to show the scope and number of managed objects in Active Roles On Demand.

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