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Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.0.6 - Administrator Guide for Cluster Mode of Advanced Login

1 Overview 2 Administering Clusters From Quest ESSO Console 3 Managing a Cluster from Your Workstation 4 Managing Session Delegation

1 Overview

The Cluster mode is intended to employees who have on their desk several computers and need to use them simultaneously. This function is particularly used in financial institution trading rooms or control rooms.

1.1 Cluster of Access Points – Mechanism

1.1.1 Definitions

A cluster of access points is a set of computers on which the Windows sessions are synchronized by Quest ESSO. Operations that a user performs on the Windows session (opening, closing, locking, unlocking) of a computer that belongs to the cluster are automatically and simultaneously performed on all the other computers that form the cluster, as illustrated in the following figure:
In a cluster of access points, the computer on which the user performs an operation on the Windows session is called the master computer. The same action is simultaneously performed on the other computers of the cluster, called slaves.
A Quest ESSO Controller does not work in Cluster mode.

1.1.2 Behavior of Workstations Included in a Cluster

The cluster function is compatible with all available Quest ESSO authentication methods (password, smart card, passive and active RFID, biometrics).
When a user opens a session on a computer of the cluster, all the sessions of other computers of the cluster open with the same user account.
If the session of a slave computer is locked by another user, the session is unlocked only if the Fast User Switching (FUS) option is activated for the user (for more details on FUS, see Session Management Administrator Guide for Advanced Login).
If a user performs a FUS on a computer, all the other computers of the cluster perform the FUS.
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