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Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.0.6 - Advanced Login for Windows User Guide

1 Overview 2 Logging on to Windows 3 Locking/Unlocking Your Windows Session 4 Switching Users Without Logging Off Windows (Fast User Switching) 5 Displaying Session Information (Windows XP/2003 only) 6 Shutting Down Your Workstation (Windows XP/2003 only) 7 Managing Your Password or PIN 8 Managing the Unblocking of Your Smart Card 9 Managing Your Windows Session Accounts 10 Managing Primary Accounts on Your Smart Card 11 Renewing your Smart Card Certificate(s) 12 Managing a Cluster from Your Workstation 13 Managing Session Delegation 14 Deleting Your Roaming Session 15 Logging on as an Administrator on a User Session Appendix A: Advanced Login Registry Keys Appendix B: Integrating Quest ESSO with Prim'X Cryhod

2.4.2 First Log on with Your Smart Card

Advanced Login must be installed on the workstation.
Click the Enroll button to enroll your RFID badge.

2.4.3 Everyday Log on

Placed on the device, i.e. passive mode. The Windows session is locked when the badge is withdrawn.
Quickly presented to the device, i.e. active mode. The Windows session locks itself when the badge is presented again.
If several RFID badges are detected in the unlock area, the RFID owner field lists all the detected RFID badges.
In the RFID owner field, select the wanted RFID badge, type in your password and click OK.

2.4.4 Logging on Through Citrix/TSE

2.4.5 Logging out

If a Quest ESSO authentication such as primary reauthentication, Enterprise SSO Studio launch etc. is necessary; then placing the RFID badge in the unlock area will not lock the PC.
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