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Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.0.6 - Advanced Login Self Service Password Request Administrator Guide

1 Overview 2 Configuring and Using the Password/PIN Reset Function 3 Forcing the Use of Tokens or Biometrics with the Temporary Password Access Function 4. Authorizing the Q&A-based Authentication

1 Overview

In case a user have lost or forgotten his/her password or PIN, Quest ESSO Console also allows the administrator to force a new user’s password or PIN and to give to the user so that he/she can connect to his/her workstation.

1.1 Self Service Password Request Functions

1.1.1 Password and PIN Reset

During their first connection to Quest ESSO, the Advanced Login module prompts users to initialize the Self Service Password Request feature by recording the answers and questions according to the access policy you have defined in Quest ESSO Console.
To reset their password or PIN, users access the Self Service Password Request feature from the Advanced Login authentication window. They must provide the questions and answers they have chosen during the initialization phase.
If Advanced Login is not installed on the workstation, a web server can be used (for more details, see 2.1.2, "Allowing Users to Reset Their Password with the Self Service Admin Portal").
As a last resort, the administrator can force the user’s password reset from Quest ESSO Console, and give the new password to the user.

1.1.2 Temporary Password Access

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