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Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.0.6 - Advanced Login Self Service Password Request Administrator Guide

1 Overview 2 Configuring and Using the Password/PIN Reset Function 3 Forcing the Use of Tokens or Biometrics with the Temporary Password Access Function 4. Authorizing the Q&A-based Authentication

4. Authorizing the Q&A-based Authentication

As for the password/PIN reset function, users must initialize the Self Service Password Request feature by choosing a set of questions and recording the associated answers.
SOS button (Windows XP/2003) or Password Forgotten/I have forgotten my PIN (Windows 7/2008) located in the Advanced Login authentication window allows users to open their session without reinitializing their password: if they answer correctly to their Self Service Password Request (SSPR) questions, the session opens.
The user process is exactly the same as the Password/PIN reset process explained in Section 2.3, "Using Self Service Password Request (User s Tasks)", except that instead of resetting their Password/PIN, users open their session.
In Quest ESSO Console, click the user security profile for which you want to activate the Q&A-based Authentication feature.
Click the Self Service Password Request tab.
In the Availability area:
Select Always available (disconnected mode).
Select the Self Service Password Request opens Windows session check box.
In the Questions area, define the number of questions to ask the end-user and manage a list of available questions, as explained in, "Defining the List of Self Service Password Request Questions".
In the Security area, define the Self Service Password Request security policy, as explained in, "Setting the Self Service Password Request Security Parameters".
Click Apply.
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