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Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.0.6 - Installation Guide

1. Overview 2. Preparing the Storage of Security Data in the LDAP Directory
2.1 Active Directory 2.2 Active Directory + ADAM or AD LDS 2.3 OpenLDAP 2.4 Netscape iPlanet / Sun Java System / Red Hat / Fedora Directory Server 2.5 Novell eDirectory 2.6 IBM Tivoli Directory Server 2.7 Deploying a Workstation LDAP User Account
3 Installing Quest ESSO Controllers and Audit Databases 4 Installing and Configuring the Software Modules on the Workstations 5 Enabling the Self Service Password Request (SSPR) Capability 6. Enabling OTP Authentication 7 Enabling the Group Membership Modification Feature 8 Centralizing Parameters Using Group Policy Objects (GPO) 9 Installing Quest ESSO MSI Packages in Silent Mode Appendix A: Advanced Configuration: Audit Appendix B: Activating Traces Appendix C: Retrieving the Serial Number on a MiFARE RFID Badge

3.3 Initializing the Primary Controller

This section describes how to use the Primary server initialization tool, which creates the Quest ESSO security database in the directory. For your security database you can choose either software or hardware protection.
In the Administration Tools window, click Initialize the Primary controller.
For more information on protection mode, see Quest ESSO Console Administrator Guide.

3.4 Initializing an Associated Controller

You must install Associated controllers only if you are implementing a Quest ESSO software architecture in a multi-domain environment
In the Administration Tools window, click Initialize an associated controller.

3.5 Publishing a New Token Data File

This task is optional: if your organization needs to use smart cards or USB tokens which are not supported by Quest ESSO, you can import a personalization file in the LDAP directory, so that the use of specific smart card becomes possible.
In the Administration Tools window, click Publish a new Token data file.

3.6 Defining Administrative Tokens for Self Service Password Request

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