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Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.0.6 - Quick Start Guide

1 Overview 2 Installing Quest ESSO in Dedicated (ADLDS) Directory Mode 3 Installing Quest ESSO in Corporate (AD) Directory Mode 4 Getting Started with Quest ESSO - Scenario of Use

1 Overview

This section gives a general overview of the Quest ESSO solution architecture and main functionalities.
Quest ESSO -Presentation
Quest ESSO allows administrators to control user accesses to workstations and applications, and allows end-users to automate their accesses to applications by performing single sign-on (SSO).
Quest ESSO - Main Functionalities
Quest ESSO offers:

1.1 The Quest ESSO Directory

Quest ESSO relies on a user's directory, with which it associates the following security objects:
The Access Policy security objects, which are managed by Quest ESSO administrators and allow them to configure Quest ESSO.
For more information on the access policy security objects, see 1.5 Quest ESSO Model.
The User Data security objects, which belong to users and allow them to open applications and perform SSO.
Quest ESSO can be installed in one of the two following directory modes:
Dedicated mode has no impact on the corporate directory: in Dedicated mode, you install a directory that Quest ESSO uses to store its security objects.
Users, groups and computers used are those defined in the corporate directory.
In case Quest ESSO is only used for a few users of the directory.
We recommend to use this mode while implementing the Quest ESSO solution: it provides better system availability and performance, and allows corporate directory backup.

1.2 Quest ESSO Architecture and Component Description

1.2.1 Architecture Overview

The following illustration shows an overview of the Quest ESSO architecture, which is installed on the corporate network.
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