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Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.0.6 - Quick Start Guide

1 Overview 2 Installing Quest ESSO in Dedicated (ADLDS) Directory Mode 3 Installing Quest ESSO in Corporate (AD) Directory Mode 4 Getting Started with Quest ESSO - Scenario of Use

1.2.2 Quest ESSO Components - Description The Quest ESSO Controller

The Quest ESSO Controller allows centralization of Quest ESSO access policy definition and audit events. It connects to the company directory to retrieve necessary data.
For availability reasons, several Quest ESSO Controllers can be installed. A Quest ESSO Controller can be dedicated to administration operations and any other can be dedicated to audit operations. The Quest ESSO Client

The Quest ESSO Client is a service that is deployed on workstations. It contains:
The Quest ESSO Client makes available the following operations:
Quest ESSO Administration, with the administration module. The Quest ESSO Security Services

Quest ESSO Security Services are deployed on workstations through the Quest ESSO Client.
They allow
Quest ESSO modules to interact with the directory security objects (Access Policy and User Data).
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