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Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.0.6 - Quick Start Guide

1 Overview 2 Installing Quest ESSO in Dedicated (ADLDS) Directory Mode 3 Installing Quest ESSO in Corporate (AD) Directory Mode 4 Getting Started with Quest ESSO - Scenario of Use The Quest ESSO Modules

The authentication module of Quest ESSO (Authentication Manager) enables implementation of connection procedures using authentication mechanisms with physical tokens (smart cards, USB keys, RFID badges) and biometrics, in addition to the standard authentication methods of login/password.
The SSO module of Quest ESSO (SSOWatch) allows end-users to automate their access to applications by enabling Single Sign-On.
The administration module of Quest ESSO (Quest ESSO Console and Enterprise SSO Studio) allows administrators to define the company Access Management configuration, from the setting up of the basic security objects to the definition of access rights for users, workstations and applications. It also allows audit event visualization. The Web Portal

The web portal (Self Service Admin Portal) is a web page allowing end-users to reset their primary password. The primary password is the password users type to open a session on their workstation. The SSPR Server (Optional) The Central Audit Database (Optional)

The Quest ESSO Client collects the audit events and periodically transmits them to the Quest ESSO Controller.
The central audit database gathers all the audit events that have been collected by the Quest ESSO Client and transferred to the Quest ESSO Controller.
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