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Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.0.6 - Quick Start Guide

1 Overview 2 Installing Quest ESSO in Dedicated (ADLDS) Directory Mode 3 Installing Quest ESSO in Corporate (AD) Directory Mode 4 Getting Started with Quest ESSO - Scenario of Use

1.3.2 Windows Authentication

1.3.3 Session Authentication

1.3.4 Public Access Authentication for Smart Cards, RFID Readers or Biometric Devices

In this case, users share a workstation without having to restart a Windows session. On smart card, RFID badge or fingerprints detection, Quest Enterprise SSO prompts the user to type his/her PIN code or password and starts the SSOWatch engine. The engine stops at smart card or RFID badge withdrawal, or fingerprints detection.

1.3.5 Multi-User Desktop

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