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Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.0.6 - Session Management Administrator Guide

1 Overview 2 The Fast User Switching (FUS) Feature 3 The Multi-User Desktop Feature 4 The Roaming Session Mode 5 The Double-Login Prevention Feature

1 Overview

1.1 Session Management Functions

This section gives an overview of the features offered by the Session Manager option. Session Manager includes Kiosk mode and Fast User Switching feature.

1.1.1 Fast User Switching (FUS)

Fast User Switching (FUS) simplifies the access to computers used by several employees.
FUS modifies the Microsoft session unlocking method by allowing users to unlock or close another user’s session, by using one of the following methods:
Hierarchized access FUS: users are only authorized to unlock or close the session of other users whose level is below or equal to their own level.
Shared access FUS: several users have in their Windows account list the one that has open the session, so they can unlock or close the session of all other users who have the same account.
Public access FUS: the workstation session remains open and is the same for all users, but the SSO context and application opening/closing are handled individually for each user.

1.1.2 Multi-User Desktop

Upon a successful authentication, the SSOWatch engine loads the user's set of accounts. It can then automatically start the user's applications and perform the SSO.
Upon disconnection, SSOWatch closes the user's set of accounts and some of his applications if necessary. Multi-User Desktop then hides the applications started by the user.
Upon termination of a session, SSOWatch closes the user's set of accounts and his applications. Multi-User Desktop then terminates all applications started by the user before displaying the welcome dialog box.
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