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Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.0.6 - Session Management Administrator Guide

1 Overview 2 The Fast User Switching (FUS) Feature 3 The Multi-User Desktop Feature 4 The Roaming Session Mode 5 The Double-Login Prevention Feature Session Manager: Kiosk Mode

This is the default mode. In Kiosk mode, the welcome screen of Multi-User Desktop uses the whole desktop space and hides the content of the Windows desktop.
In Kiosk mode of Session Manager, the keyboard and mouse are enabled to allow all authentication methods, including password, and SSPR. However, users cannot move/hide/terminate the welcome screen. To configure this mode, go to 3.3.1, "Configuring the Session Manager". Control Mode

When keyboard and mouse are blocked in this mode, password, and authentication methods are not available as they require the user to click on the tiles.
The welcome screen can be resized manually with the + and - keys and displays the following elements depending on its size:

3.2 Installing the Multi-User Desktop

Log-on as system administrator.
Run the Quest ESSO installation wizard and select the Custom installation mode.
Select the Multi User Desktop feature.
Make sure the Authentication Manager and Integration with Windows features are not selected for installation.
For more details on Quest ESSO advanced installation, see Quest ESSO Installation Guide.
Click Next and follow the rest of the Wizard instructions.
Windows XP/2003: restart the workstation.
Windows 7/2008: close the session.

3.3 Configuring the Multi-User Desktop Modes

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