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Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.0.6 - Session Management Administrator Guide

1 Overview 2 The Fast User Switching (FUS) Feature 3 The Multi-User Desktop Feature 4 The Roaming Session Mode 5 The Double-Login Prevention Feature Hierarchized Access FUS

D:\EKA_QS_workes\1344_Quesso\!_Shemes\Schema_FUSMechanismHierarchy_US_1.tif Shared Access FUS

D:\EKA_QS_workes\1344_Quesso\!_Shemes\Schema_FUSMechanismSharedAccount_US_1.tif Public Access FUS and Biometric Public Access FUS

Upon detection of a smart card or an active RFID device or upon a biometric detection, SSOWatch module pf Quest ESSO starts and prompts the user for his/her PIN (smart card) or password (RFID). Once the user is authenticated, he/she can access his/her own applications. When the device is removed, SSOWatch is closed. The Windows session can use a generic account that has no particular right of its own.
If the roaming session is allowed on the access point (see 3., "The Multi-User Desktop Feature"), each time an RFID device is presented or a smart card is inserted, Public Access FUS checks if a roaming session can be used before prompting for the password or the PIN to the user.

2.2 Configuring Hierarchized Access FUS

Quest Software provides hierarchized access Fast User Switching with Authentication Manager. The functionality is managed from Quest ESSO Console.
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