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Enterprise Single Sign-On 8.0.6 - SSOWatch Administrator Guide

1 Overview 2 SSOWatch 3 Configuration Editor: Enterprise SSO Studio
3.1 Interface Overview 3.2 Starting and Stopping Enterprise SSO Studio 3.3 Creating or Opening a Configuration 3.4 Configuring General SSO Parameters 3.5 Defining PFCP and Application Profiles 3.6 Defining Application and Technical Definition Objects 3.7 Defining Window Objects 3.8 Testing the SSO 3.9 Exporting or Importing Objects 3.10 Managing Objects in the Tree 3.11 Saving Object Configurations 3.12 Managing Configuration Updates 3.13 Refreshing the Tree
4 The Generic Plug-in 5 The Microsoft Internet Explorer Plugin  6 The SAP R/3 Plug-in 7 Terminal Type Applications 8 The HLLAPI Plug-in 9 Advanced Configuration 10 OLE/Automation Interface Appendix A: Cache Tuning and Asynchronous Update of the Application Data Appendix B: Integrating Care-FX with SSOWatch

6.1.1 SAPLogin (SAP R/3 Login)

Error text is the message displayed by SAP R/3 in case of error. This allows SSOWatch to deal with bad passwords (SAP R/3 4.5 only).
Language and Client Name may be associated with parameters stored in the security database.

6.1.2 SAPExpired (SAP R/3 Password Expiry)

In the configuration window, fill in the SAP main field with the button.

6.2 Basic Principles of the SAP R/3 Plug-in

6.3 Configuration Guide

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