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Enterprise Single Sign-On 9.0.2 - Enterprise Access Management Customization Guide



Subject This guide describes how to use the Primary account, Access to applications and Self Enrollment menus of the Enterprise Access Management (EAM) portal.

This guide is intended for:

  • System Integrators.
  • Administrators.
Required Software EAM 9.0 evolution 2 and later versions. For more information about the versions of the required operating systems and software solutions quoted in this guide, please refer to One Identity EAM Release Notes.
Typographical Conventions

Bold Indicates:

  • Interface objects, such as menu names, buttons, icons and labels.
  • File, folder and path names.
  • Keywords to which particular attention must be paid.
  Italics - Indicates references to other guides.
  Code - Indicates portions of program codes, command lines or messages displayed in command windows.
  CAPITALIZATI ON Indicates specific objects within the application (in addition to standard capitalization rules).
  < > Identifies parameters to be supplied by the user.


Warning: A WARNING icon indicates a potential for property damage, personal injury, or death.

Caution: A CAUTION icon indicates potential damage to hardware or loss of data if instructions are not followed.

IMPORTANT, NOTE, TIP, MOBILE, or VIDEO: An information icon indicates supporting information.
Documentation support The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. As our products are continuously enhanced, certain pieces of information in this guide can be incorrect. Send us your comments or suggestions regarding the documentation on the One Identity support website.

Customizing EAM Windows

Customizing EAM Windows

Customizing EAM Bitmaps

One Identity EAM allows you to easily customize bitmaps that are displayed in EAM windows. You can change:

  • The banners displayed in EAM authentication windows.
  • The banner that appears when Enterprise SSO needs to collect users security data.
  • The bitmaps displayed in the authentication screen tiles (Windows 7/2008 only).
  • The banner that appears when the Multi-User Desktop Welcome screen is displayed in fullscreen mode.


Changing Banners of EAM Authentication Windows


  1. Modify or create a bitmap file (.bmp) that fits the following requirements:
  • Width: 700 px (centered on the middle 500 pixels).
  • Height: 72 px.
  • Name: WGLogo.bmp.
  1. Copy this file in the installation directory of your EAM software module (preferably in C:\Program Files\One Identity\Enterprise SSO to modify the Enterprise SSO authentication window banner).

The new banner appears in the authentication window, as in the following example:



Changing the Banner of the Enterprise SSO "Security Data Collect" Window


  1. Modify or create a bitmap file (.bmp) that fits the following requirements:
  • Width: 360 px.
  • Height: 34 px.
  • Name: ssobanner16M.bmp (24/32 bit colors) or ssobanner256.bmp (256 colors).
  1. Copy this file in the installation directory of your Enterprise SSO software module (preferably in C:\Program Files\One Identity\Enterprise SSO).

When the Security Data Collect window appears, the new banner is displayed:


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