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Enterprise Single Sign-On 9.0.2 - Enterprise Access Management Customization Guide


Changing the Text Labels

  1. Create the following registry keys under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\

Key Name





Changes the value of Login.



Changes the value of Login when the Smart Card authentication method is selected.



Changes the value of PIN.
Note: the modification is enabled only for smart card authentication.



Changes the value of Log on to.

NOTE:These keys can be deployed by GPO.


The new labels appear in the authentication window, as in the following example:



Customizing SSO Windows


You can change the appearance of certain Enterprise SSO windows that are displayed to users on Microsoft Windows workstations.


By using the data-input capabilities of HTML and CSS, you can change the design and layout of E-SSO windows.

The windows are the ones which allow users to:

When this feature is activated, customized window definitions replace the standard window definitions for these three interactions: see Activating the Customization.

Default definitions can be created for each of the interaction types. Individualized window definitions can also be created for interactions related to particular applications.

Each customized window is defined by the contents of an HTML file on the hard disk of the user's workstation: see Managing the HTML Files.

Examples of SSO Window customization are available in Customizing the Windows.


SSO Window/Interaction Types

’New Account’ Window

Enterprise SSO opens the new account window when it detects a login window of an application for which the user has no registered account.

The window can also be opened directly by the user from the Enterprise SSO window.

The window prompts the user to select an account, a login name and a password for the application. The login and password must match those that are already recorded in the application itself.

Enterprise SSO can set an initial value for one or more of these elements and can prevent the user from changing one or more of the values.


’Bad Account’ Window

Enterprise SSO opens the bad account window when it detects that an application has rejected a registered login or password.

The window prompts the user to register a new login and/or password for the application. These must match the values already recorded in the application.

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